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My Favorite part was ''and monty python and the holy grails black night''. excellent. made me chuckle.

however im confused. How come, if you got 4.62 (which is the highest score ever) why arnt you on the top 50 list? you should be at the top.

altffour responds:

It's updated every wednesday

Wasnt this What Live 8 Was For?

Heres a review that will make no sense about which side im on. so i'll tell you now. This cartoon rocks, but....

Nice Idea. I think live 8 tried to do the same thing.
none of it would really effect george bush's small mind.
Live 8, yeah great, weere telling veryone to do something! w00tage or what? lets dig up maddona and make her play one of her songs for an hour on loop and then have some other people. Hang on? George Bush, Are you even FUCKING LISTENING?

So we can all try to make this better, but really we can do nothing about, cept send a quid a month instead of buying ringtones, but that still doesnt effect much.

Nice cartoon. I like it, And sure, MAKE GEORGE BUSH WATCH IT, he might understand a cartoon ''oohh its bright''.

but things like this sadly dont much effect.
and where's george bush now? Eating Pork. I Rest My case


You are a freakin genius.

I love all burnt face man cartoons and this one seems to beat all the rest with a knobbly stick.

''Please dont SONIC BOOM me''

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Youve Obviously just gone and copied the Simpsons Bats Font Thing There, But still good.

Loving the Bender Part

But You Spelt Maggie Wrong

I Gave you 0 for Sound cos No one Should Speed up Gorillaz THAT fast

Twas ok

This person b4 me is WELL OFF.
those sounds actually come from the weebl & bob cartoons (their downloadable at weebl's site) so how the hell can this guy be impersonating them.
are you insulting Sir jonti picking of sounding crap at doing his own style of voice??? how Dare ye.
Anyhoo, nice job on your soundboard..... this was all basically a moan about the last guy who reviewd it but i still liked your thing man.

I Hope you like my flash cartoons. most of them are shite

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